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When and Why Should You Seek Septic Services?

When and Why Should You Seek Septic Services?

A septic tank can become very problematic quickly if not taken care of properly, and messy at that. Without routine and proper maintenance, a septic tank can become a large and costly endeavor. Skipping maintenance may even lead to replacing a septic tank outright. Here are some reasons why you may need septic services and how to keep up on maintenance.

Even with natural processes and a simple design allowing septic tanks to be inexpensive, things still can go wrong. Extended use of a septic tank can lead to the water cleaning process getting overwhelmed and failure to clean waste water. To prevent this, make sure to pump your septic tank every 2-3 years. Septic services are very important to keeping the water clean and allowing the natural processes to continue.

A clogged or broken pipe can also lead to major problems in a septic tank. While performing septic services, such as pumping out the septic tank, it is important to see if there are any problems with the existing pipes. A broken pipe can prevent water from flowing properly, leading to waste water not being able to get where it needs to go.

Other preventative maintenance can also prolong the life of a septic tank and push off the need for immediate septic services. Not putting food down a garbage disposal and keeping antibacterial cleaners out of the drains can also help prolong the life of the tank. Many household chemicals kill the good bacteria in the septic system, which process the solids in the waste water. Garbage disposals can cause septic tanks to fill with solids faster than they would otherwise.

Septic services are a necessary part of making sure a septic tank lasts a long time, and coupled with preventative maintenance, the tank can last for a few decades.