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Four Signs You Need to Add a Screen to Your Patio

You may have seen many of your neighbors add patio screens to their homes. If you’ve wondered if you should do the same and if it’s really worth it, here are four signs that it’s time to explore your options for patio screens.

  1. You Want to Add Value to Your Property- When people shop for real estate, they often look for homes that come with patio screens. If you are interested in boosting the resale value of your home, adding a patio screen to it can be a beneficial thing to do.
  2. You are Tired of Getting too Much Sun- Do you feel like the sun gets to be too much when you try to sit out on your patio? Patio screens are an effective way to block out some of this sun and provide more shade when you are outdoors trying to relax.
  3. Bugs Keep You from Sitting on Your Patio- Having a swarm of bugs flying around is never any fun, especially when you are trying to relax or entertain out on your patio. Patio screens are designed not only to create shade, but to keep unwanted pests away.
  4. You Don’t Want to Compromise Fresh Air or Ventilation- One of the best parts about patio screens is that they do not block out fresh air. This way, you can still enjoy the beautiful weather around you in the shade without being bombarded by pests and insects.