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Digital X-Rays Can Be Used by a Dentist in Midland?

Digital X-Rays Can Be Used by a Dentist in Midland?

Many people around Midland, Ontario are worried about dental x-rays because of the intense radiation that may be produced. This is understandable because radiation can be dangerous if not handled appropriately. But the great news is that a dentist in Midland can help you to keep your teeth protected by using a secure design.

How Does This Work?

A digital x-ray works by using a sensor inside your mouth. The sensor works in a way similar to x-rays but uses an electronic setup for reading how your teeth are laid out.

The sensor will identify the dental tissues inside your gums. The electronic x-rays will go through the tissues without producing any radiation.

After the sensor works, the dentist can read the details on what that unit finds. A dentist in Midland can use the results to figure out how well your teeth function.

A Beneficial Choice

Digital x-rays will help produce more accurate and detailed images of your teeth. The resolution of a digital x-ray readout is easier to read than what you would get out of a traditional x-ray.

It takes less time for the digital unit to find out how your teeth look too. The lack of radiation also allows the dentist to spend an extra bit of effort in finding things around your teeth and gums if needed.

The use of digital x-rays is a point for using a dentist in Midland that deserves to be noted. Talk with a dentist about how these x-rays can work for you, so you can get a full exam.