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3 Surprising Reasons to Shop for Local Wine at the Butcher Shop

If you are looking for a new favorite wine, there are few better ways to find something you enjoy than shopping for local wine. One surprising location you’ll find a great choice is at your local butcher shop, where you can find great local wine that pairs nicely with your meal. Here are three reasons local wine at the butcher shop may be your new go-to selection:

  1. Going Green – Not only do local wineries often implement environmentally friendly methods, but you can also support your own green habits. Rather than waiting on the next cross-country shipment of a wine you like, you’ll find a local wine in your own neighborhood as you shop for quality meats.
  2. Support Local Businesses – If you love supporting local businesses, then shopping for local wine at your local butcher shop is a great way to boost the economy close to home. Whether you stop to buy food and wine accessories or just want to pick out a new vintage, you are sure to find something you will love.
  3. Your Favorite is Never Far – Have you ever fallen in love with a specific label, only to discover that the store is out of stock? With local wine, you never have to wait to get the bottle you need for your next meal, and your local butcher shop is right around the corner. It’s never been easier to enjoy wine close to home!

Haven’t been to shop locally yet? Check your local butcher shop for great meats, sides, and accessories for your next meal.